About us


Arbony, a Belgian company established in 2001, has rapidly become the undisputed specialist in the manufacture and marketing of aged French oak hardwood and parquet flooring. A market leader, Arbony is retailed all over the world. The workshops located in the Liège region control the entirety of the production chain, from planing to finishing, as well as ageing and colouration, and the assembly of laminate flooring. No steps are sub-contracted out, enabling optimal quality control.


A lover of old materials due to their authentic charm, Arbony has become a master in the art of ageing oak, something that, in principle, only the passing of time can do. The patinas are a result of unique and complex ageing, requiring an in-depth knowledge of wood. No synthetic colourings, that mask the wood and give it an artificial colour, are used. The colours are a result of reactive processes based solely on the oxidation of the tannins in the oak, giving the wood the most natural colours.


Arbony has its own sawmill in the French Ardennes Forest. Concerned about the environment, the controlled wood is sourced only from sustainably managed Belgian and French forests, and can, on request, be FSC or PEFC certified.


Often copied, but never equalled, Arbony’s hardwood and parquet flooring cannot be imitated and is considered by purists as being the best on the market to date.