Product's description

This range of flooring, numbered from 101 to 116, offers exactly the same characteristics in terms of colour and size as the Manoir range, but here, the ageing is replaced with very light brushing for a more contemporary and modern look, whilst maintaining the authentic shades.

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Colours reference chart

N0101 Natural

101 Natural

N02 Light Cognac Manoir

102 Light Cognac

N03 Dark Cognac Manoir 2

103 Dark Cognac

N04 Chocolate Manoir 2

104 Chocolate

N05a Dark Grey Manoir 3

105a Dark Grey

N0105s Light Grey

105s Light Grey

N06 Anthracite Manoir

106 Anthracite

N07 Black Manoir 2

107 Black

N08 Tobacco Manoir 2

108 Tobacco

N09 Washed out Dark Brown Manoir

109 Washed-Out Dark Brown

N010 Bleached Grey Manoir 1

110 Bleached Grey

PDH 11 9

111 Straw

N012 Amber Manoir 2

112 Amber

N013 Washed out Light Brown Manoir 1

113 Washed-Out Light Brown

N014 Black Chestnut Manoir 1

114 Black Chestnut

N016 Beige Manoir 2

116 Beige

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