What you need to know

Our aged floorboards are made with real wood. By choosing wood, you’ve to accept the characteristics of this natural product: knot, colours variation, vein, superficial cracks, ... All of this creates its identity and charm.

Our philosophy is before anything to create boards with character inspired by real old wood and its unique patina. Far away from series products who’s been uniformized by the big industry. We aren’t using any pigment or dye to give this finish to our floorboards.

All the colours are obtained by unique process of coloration by reaction with the tannin of the oak. This reaction gives its own identity and authentic character.


The parquet will be stored flat in the room to floor (under the conditions defined below), in their original packaging at least 1 week before the start of the installation (and more in case of installation in extreme conditions). Installation of the flooring should be the last work to be done on a construction site. The surface must be perfectly dry, the glazing must be installed, all structural work and finishing (plaster, tiles, paints, wallpapers, etc.) must be completed and dry. The place will be completely dry, closed and at a temperature between 18 and 20°C, the humidity of the air is maintained constant between 40 and 65%. All our floors are designed for glue-down installation bath or nailed to lambourdes (according to size and support). The installation must be done by professionals in the rules of art and in compliance with the standards.


Do not stick tape on the floor, which could damage the surface of the wood. The floor will be protected with a trade-in equipment and provided all-purpose (cardboard TETRA) without adhesive fixation applied directly to the floor. Use the recommended cleaning products after placement and throughout the life of parquet. Avoid the use of all purpose cleaner or universal cleaner for parquet. Do not wash the floor with water for the first 15 days after installation. Maintain normal conditions of temperature and humidity in the housing throughout the year: Temperature between 15 to 25 degrees and relative humidity between 35% and 65%. If necessary, place humidification or dehumidification of indoor air devices.

Tips to maintain a perfect wooden floor

1: Use little water when cleaning your wooden floor. Carefully dry splashes and spills because an excess of water can make the floor swell.

2: Make sure that the material used for humid cleaning is thoroughly wrung.

3: Do not use vinegar or «all-purpose cleaner» seen those give a dull appearance to your floor.

4: Avoid accumulation of dirt, sand or gravel (it can work as emery paper). Vacuum or sweep your floor at least once a week.

5: Place a mat or rug at doors and in high traffic areas to catch sand and gravel. Do not use mats with rubber or unventilated bottom.

6: Use protective pads for furniture and seats to prevent scratches when moving.

7: Place coasters under flower pots and aquariums to avoid water stains.

8: Use the recommended maintenance products as soon as you notice that your floor gets a dull appearance or starts to show signs of wear.


Our finishes are designed to be resistant to liquids in our daily life (water, coffee, wine, oil etc.) for several hours. However, this concerns aged floors thus there always remains a risk that the liquid seeps between the planks or aging marks. Therefore, we recommend to carefully and sufficiently dry the splashes and spills. Regular use of the recommended maintenance products improves the resistance to liquids between the boards and the aging marks on the surface of the floor.

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