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This range of flooring undergoes a natural wood brushing process which gives it a unique distressed look. The grain of this sophisticated and solid wood is highlighted to provide sumptuous elegance and authentic texture.

The reference numbers in this range go from 17 to 25, with each number corresponding to a different colour. All are available in solid or engineered wood in thicknesses of 20mm or 22mm, with widths of 14cm to 30cm.

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Colours reference chart

N017 Natural Campagne

17 Natural

N018 Smoked Natural Campagne

18 Smoked Natural

N019 Chesnut Campagne 2

19/2 Chestnut

N019 Chesnut Waxed Campagne

19/3 Dark Chestnut

N020 Black Campagne

20 Black

N021a Dark Grey Campagne 2

21a Dark Grey

N021s Light Grey Campagne 2

21s Light Grey

N022 Dark Chestnut Campagne 1

22 Black Chestnut

N023 Washed out Cognac Campagne 2

23 Washed-Out Cognac

N024 Amber Campagne 2

24 Amber

N025 Bleached Grey Campagne 2

25 Bleached Grey

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