About us

Arbony, the number one specialist in aged parquet and wood flooring.

A traditional manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience, we specialise in making solid or engineered aged parquet and wood flooring out of French oak.

All our manufacturing takes place in Belgium where we control the entire process from planning, finishing, ageing and colouring through to assembly and engineered boards. We do not subcontract any of the stages in the process, giving us complete control over the quality of our products.

We love the authentic charm of old materials, and are experts in ageing oak in a way that only time could do in the past.

Created in our workshops, our patinas are the result of a unique and complex ageing process requiring a faultless knowledge of wood. We do not use tricks or synthetic colouring to “fake” the aged look, which would result in an artificial-looking wood. Our results come from procedures based exclusively on the reactiveness of tannins in oak, giving the wood more natural shades, from distressed grey to ebony or shades of chestnut and cognac.

The wood we use, which is all FSC and PEFC certified, comes only from sustainably managed forests.

Our aged wood and parquet flooring is one-of-a-kind and considered by purists to be the most accomplished on the market.

As the leader in our market, we export worldwide.

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