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Arbony, specialist in aged and weathered brushed flooring 

Arbony’s passion for authenticity and our love of charming older materials has led the company to specialise in the production of antique, vintage, reclaimed effect French oak flooring with a very special finish. This patina is achieved by utilising our vast experience of aging wood with a unique, self-developed method that results in a dignified atmosphere of flooring which have stood the test of time. We do not use any tricks or synthetic colouring agents that would disguise the timber and give it an artificial colour. Our know-how allows us to obtain the most fabulous, authentic and natural stained wood through a natural reaction with the tannins of the oak, hence stain is wood impregnated on the surface. Stains range from weathered grey to black to other intermediate colours such as cognac or chocolate, available in various range of floor boards and also in parquet flooring. Timeless & inimitable, our aged wooden flooring are regarded as the most remarkable by purists.


Based in Flemalle, we can supply our products to anywhere in the world. Please also check the addresses of our Belgian showrooms and resellers throughout the world. The quality of our work has been recognised in numerous magazine articles, see the press section for details. Feel free to contact us for more information.